What we do

The Centre’s work is built on the application of strategic policy analysis – a distinct set of analytical techniques developed in Whitehall to provide Ministers with highly evidenced, reasoned, innovative policy recommendations and ideas. In the focus of our work and the way we do it, the Centre is modelled on Whitehall strategy units that exist within key government departments.

What do we work on?

Since the launch of the Centre in 2010, we have worked on a range of big, strategic challenges facing policymakers. These include:

  • How to ensure the maximum benefit to society of evolving assistive technologies for care?
  • How can policymakers increase participation in pension saving?
  • What can policymakers do to prevent mental health problems among deprived groups resulting from limited access to legal support?
  • How should older people’s long-term care be funded?
  • What can policymakers do to eliminate ethnic discrimination in private sector recruitment processes?

Promoting our work

We promote the outputs of our work directly to civil servants, politicians, third and private sector stakeholders, and the media. Our reports are freely available to download from the Centre’s website. We regularly organise public debates, seminars and roundtables attended by high-level decision-makers and stakeholders.

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