Who Uses Telecare?

Who Uses Telecare

Groundbreaking quantitative social research into users and potential users of telecare in England.

The research was made possible by the kind support of Age UK.

There has been growing interest in telecare during the last decade, as a way of enabling individuals with care and support needs to remain independent for longer, and reduce the costs of their personal care.

However, policymakers have lacked quantitative social science evidence on who telecare users are.

This research therefore analyses data from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA) for 2008 to explore the characteristics of personal alarm and alerting device users in the older population. The research explores dozens of factors including gender, age, income, receipt of formal and informal care, health and disability, and housing.

Building on this descriptive analysis, the research also includes estimates of potential telecare users in the older population, concluding that as many four million people could be potential users of telecare.

Authors: Andy Ross, James Lloyd, Strategic Society Centre

Download the report: Who Uses Telecare

Download ‘slide-pack’ of all results: Who Uses Telecare – Slide Pack


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