The Roadmap: England’s choices for the care crisis

The Roadmap Englands choices for the care crisis

Detailed analysis of the government’s options for addressing England’s care funding crisis.

The Roadmap sets out the options for the government as it faces up to two choices:

  • The ‘spending decision’: What will the state spend on care and support in future and how will this money be spent?
  • The ‘funding decision’: Where will the money come from to fund spending on care?

The report explores how rising demand for care associated with population ageing will mean the proportion of GDP spent on care by the state will have to increase, just to maintain the current inadequate system of entitlements and support. But, the report argues, there are positive choices that can be made that would result in a better, fairer system.

This report has been made possible by the kind support of Bupa Care Services.

Author: James Lloyd, Strategic Society Centre

Download the report: The Roadmap – Englands choices for the care crisis

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