Cap to Reality: The route to 2016 and care funding reform

Cap to Reality
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Date(s) - 17/04/2013
4:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Strategic Society Centre

A public debate on the countdown to 2016 and reform of care funding in England.

Twitter hashtag: #captoreality

On February 11th, the Coalition Government announced an historic decision to transform the local authority care funding system in England.

Inheritance tax thresholds will be frozen for three years and together with savings generated by changes to the State Pension, this revenue will be transferred to England’s social care system to protect individuals from catastrophic care costs.

For the first time in decades, England’s social care funding system is therefore set on a reform path.

Legislation to protect people from catastrophic care costs will now start its progress through Parliament. Simultaneously, those working in social care will have to turn their minds to implementation, as well as to how the detailed thresholds and measures announced by the government will be adapted to the fiscal, demographic, political and policy context in 2016.

This public debate will therefore explore:

  • Resources – what has happened to local authority social care expenditure in recent years and what will be the effect of population ageing on demand over the next decade?
  • Cost capping – what will the ‘capped cost’ model mean for different users? Is further work required on details such as ‘living cost’ contributions, the Personal Expenditure Allowance and means test thresholds?
  • Stepping-stones – are there ‘stepping-stone’ measures that could be implemented ahead of 2016 to improve protection for individuals? Should reforms proceed in stages or as a ‘big-bang’?
  • Adaptation – does the ‘capped cost’ model need to be adapted to radical ongoing changes in practice and thinking across the health and care systems, particularly toward ‘integrated care’, and if so, how?
  • Engagement – how should politicians inform individuals about the ‘cap’, while also setting out what they will have to pay for beyond it?

Speakers at this event will include:

  • Professor Julien Forder, PSSRU, University of Kent
  • Rt Hon. Paul Burstow MP, former Minister for Care Services
  • Paul Najsarek, Director of Community Health and Wellbeing, London Borough of Harrow
  • James Lloyd, Director, Strategic Society Centre

David Brindle, Public Services Editor of the Guardian, will chair the event.

This event is free and open to all; however, registration is required.

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