The Care Act and the Care Market

July 25, 2014

The Care Bill passed into law as the Care Act on May 14th, 2014. During the long process toward becoming the Care Act, a growing number of stakeholders flagged potential uncertainties and risks around how implementation of the Act will affect the operation of England’s residential care market.

For this reason, during May 2014, Independent Age and the Strategic Society Centre convened a summit for residential care providers, local authorities, civil servants, academic researchers and social care campaigners. The event examined current issues in England’s residential care market, and considered potential scenarios following the changes due to be implemented under the Care Act in April 2016.

This document summarises some of the key themes and insights from this conference, which took place under the Chatham House rule.

Click here to download: The Care Act and the Care Market

This report was made possible by the kind support of Independent Age.


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