The Bigger Picture: Understanding disability and care in England’s older population

The Bigger Picture

Major new research into disability and care in England’s older population from the Strategic Society Centre and Independent Age. 


This unique research project explores disability and care at a national, regional and local authority level in England.

It brings together data from Census 2011, DWP and HSCIC ‘administrative data’, as well as from Wave 6 of the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing, to look at the prevalence of disability, need and care of different types, and to ‘paint a picture’ of the lives of different groups.

You can download the research at:

The Bigger Picture – Understanding disability and care in England’s older population

Authors: James Lloyd and Andy Ross, Strategic Society Centre


To accompany the research, the Centre has published a policy discussion paper. The report uses the findings of the research to evaluate public policy in relation to the reach of publicly funded support, unmet need, consistency vs. variation, as well as to explore issues around the implementation of the Care Act in light of findings from the research. You can download the discussion paper here:

The Bigger Picture – Policy insights and recommendations

Author: James Lloyd, Strategic Society Centre


The Strategic Society Centre has also released the data used for this project, in order that local authorities and other stakeholders can use this data to build a picture of disability and care among the older population in their area.

You can download the data here:

The Bigger Picture – Data

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