A Vision for Adult Social Care Funding

A Vision for Adult Social Care Funding

A ‘Vision’ for adult social care funding in England.

The Coalition Government recently published “A Vision for Adult Social Care: Capable  Communities and Active Citizens”.

The Government’s Vision for adult social care stretches right across the supply and delivery of social care and support, with a particular focus on the use of personal budgets and well-developed, diverse local care markets.

To complement this Vision for social care provision, this new publication from the Strategic Society Centre seeks to provide a vision for adult social care funding.

It defines in clear and specific terms those outcomes that a new settlement on the funding of care and support should seek to achieve, and provides a ‘checklist’ for stakeholders, defining key outcomes that could be sought from a new settlement on long-term care funding.

“A Vision for Adult Social Care Funding” is a deliberately ambitious document. In the short-term, policy decisions must inevitably reflect fiscal considerations and competing priorities. Nevertheless, it is reasonable and appropriate to be ambitious for the long-term. Choices around reforming the funding of care and support in the short-term need to be coherent with a clear long-term vision of what can and should be achieved.

This report has been published as part of the Care Funding Futures work programme run by the Strategic Society Centre. The Care Funding Futures work programme has been made possible by the support of Bupa, PwC, Age UK and Tunstall.

Author: James Lloyd, Strategic Society Centre

Download the report: A Vision for Adult Social Care Funding

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